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NEW Introduction, now with dimming  function. The dSready IC TLS019-300 is a capacitive Digital Strom pushbutton with 300 dS technology. It can be mounted invisibly from the outside in a cabinet or under a table. If a hand is brought to the plate / material carrier from the outside, a telegram is sent to the dS system.The TLS019 is glued to the carrier material such as wood, glass, plastic or smooth ceramics with the high-quality adhesive surface. After plugging in the supply voltage (Euro plug), it is calibrated to the carrier material within 3 seconds and then logged on to the dS system. Material penetration wood approx. 10-30 mm, glass approx. 7 mm, plastic approx. 7 mm, ceramics approx. 5 mm. Very flat design with a thickness of 8.5 mm and a diameter of 54 mm. Connection cable 1.5 meters with Euro plug.

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